Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ever Changing

I am a self-taught cross-stitcher. I started out doing stamped embroidery and cross-stitch on pillowcases. That evolved into needlepoint. I didn't like any of those forms of needlework. Then I bought a small counted cross-stitch kit. The instructions didn't tell me how to center the project on the fabric. I tried counting aida squares but it didn't work. I was so frustrated, I gave up and actually threw the whole thing away! I shudder now when I think of it. It was years later when I tried another small kit. This one was more helpful and I learned how simple it was to get the project centered. Along with the kit, I bought small embroidery hoops to hold the fabric. Even though the project was done, I realized I could save the pattern in case I wanted to stitch the design again at a later date. That would mean buying floss. So I started buying DMC cotton floss. This meant I had to have a way to store all the floss. That how my floss and chart stashes started. Then I discovered there were fabrics other than just aida cloth. That's where my fabric stash started. I have since pretty much given up on aida cloth and much prefer evenweaves and linen. My favorite is 28 count. So now I have patterns and their storage, flosses and their storage, and fabric and their storage. As the stashes have grown, so has the accessories inventory. Now I have frames, floor stands, lamps, scissors, needle threaders, thread cutters, thread conditioners, magnifiers, and beads. Talking about beads will be a whole post unto itself!! So that's how it started and continues to this day. I have joined a couple stitcher's groups and will dicuss them in future posts.

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  1. An ever evolving hobby which provides so much pleasure, well worth it.